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What is
Kei Concepts?

Kei Concepts is a concept development and management group that creates our own brands and brings amazing brands from all over the world to the United States.


Bringing the best ideas to you.
One bite at a time.


How We Came To Be

In 2014, we opened our first restaurant, Sup Noodle Bar--not knowing the surprises it had in store for us in the future. Through the support of friends and family, fans and foodies, we have revolutionized Asian Food across Southern California with multiple brands spanning across different tastes and cultures.

We knew we wanted to go bigger so we created Kei Concepts. Kei Concepts serve as inventors and purveyors of unique and experiential brands. Our goal is to bring the best-of-the-best brands to your table.




…and many more to come.

  1. Sup Noodle Bar, Buena Park - CA

    March 2014

    Sup Noodle Bar was first opened in Buena Park in 2014. It revolutionized SoCal's perception of Pho by providing a taste of Northern-Style Pho.

  2. Sup Noodle Bar, Hmart Torrance (Pop-up)

    June 2016

    In June 2016, we had the opportunity to collaborate with H-mart food court for 6 months. This Sup Noodle Bar location served as a valuable learning experience for our team. It has remained one of our favorite pop-ups.

  3. PANGO Asian Tacqueria

    August 2016

    A fusion of mexican and asian cuisine, Pango was our second pop-up shop that served as an experiment concept in SoCal's diverse food environment. Pango was an unforgettable project for us, and we have plans for Pango in the future.

  4. The Vox Kitchen, Fountain Valley - CA

    February 2017

    Started in 2016, The Vox Kitchen became a phenomenal success in SoCal. A staple foodie pit-stop for all, The Vox Kitchen is a unique take on many different culturual and culinary experiences from its line of chefs.

  5. Sup Noodle Bar, Cerritos - CA

    November 2017

    The sister and second location, Sup Noodle Bar Cerritos offers the same great tastes as its original concepts but with a warma and open atmosphere.

  6. The Alley USA (Coming Soon)

    February 2019

    One of Kei Concepts' latest concepts. Coming soon...

  7. Gem (Coming Soon)

    March 2019

    One of Kei Concepts' latest concepts. Coming soon...


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